FNF: All I want for Christmas is FNF

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All I want for Christmas is that FNF is the obvious choice when it comes to making an FNF Christmas mod because it takes the original song "All I want for Christmas is you", brings in her singer Mariah Carey and lets you and BF to sing with her in one of today's best new events! All you need for Christmas is some FNF fun! Hit the play button to start and then do your best to get to the end of the song by playing all your notes when it's time to play them properly. How? Well, you use the arrow keys by pressing them simultaneously with the same arrows as above BF. Be careful not to miss clicking them several times in a row, otherwise you will lose. Enjoy! Mod Credits: Wratcher: Directors, Sprites, Intermediate Event, Level, Game Over DPZmusic YouTube Channel: Nevermore yon YouTube Channel: Art Main Menu, Lineart Level Art FlurryWhipDraws: Level Coloring & Shading Wratcher: Sprites, Intermediate Events, Icons, Anonyme Logo: Background Level Encoders: BCTIX Hairpins: MekaZeff111 Charters: Unfortunate BruceDaWorst: difficult

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