FNF: BF GF Fall’s to DreamLand

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Once again, the guy and the girl somehow ended up in DreamLand, a nice and cozy place, but they still want to return to their universe, so they will have to defeat the inhabitants of this land in order to return, that is, Kirby. , of course, as does Maglor, and you'll do it on four original tracks, unlike what you've played with these characters before. Win rap battles to get back from DreamLand! You can play this mod for the whole week either in story mode or in free play mode, this choice is yours and for each of them you have the same goal and that is to reach the end of the songs by playing all their notes in the desired time in the charts, otherwise you will lose. This means that when the arrow symbols match over the BF head, you will have to press the same arrow keys. If you hit the wrong keys, or hit the right keys too late or too early, it's a miss, and multiple misses in succession means you lose. Enjoy! Mod developers: Yirius125: Manolo_Dev programmer: Jukdo illustrator: Splatfrost musician: Dogcraft illustrator: miguel185 illustrator: KadeDeveloper logo creator: Poncho 4K engine creator: Former XeRoC member: Former Nintendo member: MissaSinfonia

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