FNF: Bob Sings Mask by Dream

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The music of the arc between Bob and the guy is always going to be good with fun so we never miss a chance to share all the games with you, just like now that we added a mod where they are afraid on just one amazing song And this band mask is known as a dream ! Help the guy and Bob take the "mask" to the end! There is only one song in this game, so hit the play button and then try to finish it by playing all your notes according to the schedules. To do this, when the arrow symbols are over BF Match, at the same time you must press the identical arrow keys. Be careful about missing locks, because if you miss too many of them in a row, it will cause you to lose the game and start all over again from scratch. Good luck and we wish you all the best as always! Mod developed by: Smugvalor: Charting. Dream: Wildy Song Maker: Maker Bob (Duh)

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