FNF: Bob’s B-Side Onslaught

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Bob's Onslaught has always been one of the most popular online FNF mods, so of course we'd love to be able to bring you even more of these amazing games right now as the latest one we have for you takes original songs this mod and their remixes, their redraws, new graphics, animations, sprites and more, making this FNF: Bob's B-Side Onslaught a must-see during the day! Listen to Bob's b-sides and have fun at the highest level! In story mode or free play mode, no matter your choice, try to beat Bob in his songs, so when it's your turn to sing, you will see the corresponding arrow symbols above BF's head. At this point, you will have to press the same arrow keys and keep doing this until the end of the song to win, otherwise you will lose if you miss the keystrokes too many times in a row. Good luck to you all, we wish you all the best and hope you stay with us for more to come! Mod developers: Deadstay: fiddling with source code What_was_taken: Create art for most sprites. Deadstay: some DatBoiiLonzo art: OG sprite coloring (he doesn't do that anymore :() SaadModOfs: helps me with some stuff like opheebop SaadModOfs: Making AWESOME BANGERS Deadstay: I've mapped almost everything SaadModOfs: displaying some of them and ron Tʜᴠ‡ _BᴠɪsYT: Old Little Man Charter Sam Simox: Old Little Man Charter (still cool) YellowMasterYT: he left a rip Block: Left 🙁 Blackholes / Paradime: Gone too 🙁 Archfly: (rekcah eht ton sih on ( B0B testing / Waiter James / Cube: he has many nicknames man qinbibyjr: testing Blackholes / Paradime: he's gone 🙁

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