FNF: Bonkless (Endless feat. Scout TF2)

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Well look who it is! The scout character from Team Fortress 2, one of the most popular video games ever, is now the latest musical antagonist that you and Boyfriend will have to defeat in one of our latest online FNF mods, an awesome mod called FNF: Bonkless (Endless feat. Scout TF2) where Endless is the cover you are going to sing together! TF2 Scout and Boyfriend, a duo like no other! You, as BF and Scout, will take turns singing the verses of the song, so when you see that the arrow symbols above your character's head match with each other, you need to press the same arrow keys yourself and hold them until the song will start. ends in victory. Of course, you can also lose this reaction time game, and that will happen if you don't stay on track and miss keystrokes too many times in a row, which is something we don't want for any of you. We wish you all the best and good luck! Mod Developers: Misfortvne: Bluish Scout Spirits Furscorns: Infinite Cover Creator

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