FNF: Diva but Everyone Take Turn Singing it

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"Diva" is a song from the FNF B3 remix that we now invite you to play along with Boyfriend once again, but this time you also do it with so many other characters at the same time as they all take turns singing. with him, such as Bop and Bosip, Henry, Miku, Crash, Jade, Tankman, Tricky, Hololiv and many others! Be a musical diva with all your favorite FNF characters! After pressing the play button, press all the notes of the songs when your turn comes at the right time on the charts, which you have to do until the song is over to win. This means that when the arrow symbols above the BF match, you will press the same arrow keys, but if you miss this several times in a row, you will lose and have to start over from scratch. In any case, good luck to you all! Mod Developers: Bibddle3: Remixed B3. LaLoliComunista: made a mod

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