FNF Haunted House

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After entering the Halloween haunted house, Boyfriend encountered all kinds of ghosts, monsters and other creatures, so now you need to get rid of these demonic creatures by defeating them in rhythm battles, which we invite you to do right now. and you do it in cool songs. Escape the haunted house with music! After choosing between story mode and free play mode, where you can fight with different characters, know that the way to win is the same in both cases, and it is to reach the end of the songs by playing all their notes. How? Well, when you see the arrow symbols match up above BF's head, you need to press the identical arrow keys on your keyboard, but you have to be careful not to miss it too many times in a row or you will lose the whole game. Good luck, we want to wish you all the best and hope you stay with us for more fun! Mod Developers: Zekuta: Artist/Animator Zinnn: Artist/Animator TwoopYT: Extra Menu Resources ~PHO~: Assistant Animator JellyFishedm: Final Song of Week 3 Benlab Crimson: Week 3 Songs/Themes Flint Lockwood: Week 3 Sykkid/SPM: Week 2 Music /GAMEOVER, Pause Menu, Atmosphere PhantomPlague: Week 1 Music Yala_YTM: Additional Menu "Mimus" Musical Dream: Cutscene Designer PolarVortex: Coder LadWithTheHat: Charter DryAgedSprite: Lead Gameplay Tester Dai: Rhythm Game Input Dane: Concept Artist Dorno: Concept -Art Panda: Shadow Mario Concept: FNF game engine.

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