FNF: Impossible trio (Bambi, Bob, and Spong pinappled)

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Meme characters from the world of FNF and beyond have now teamed up into an impossible trio and these funny characters that you fought individually before must now be defeated as a team so go up against him and show them who is still the music boss of the songs. Help BF defeat three opponents at once! Whether you choose story mode or free play mode, the goal is the same – reach the end of the songs by playing all of their notes according to the diagrams. To do this, when the arrow symbols match up above the BF, press the same arrow keys to click on the notes. Do not miss the opportunity to do this several times in a row, otherwise you will lose the game. Enjoy! Mod developers: LeGoldenBoots: Programmer rapparep lol: made a mashup Archive two: I saw his video zell_ers: og Creator of Survival (old) WizardMantis: Survival (New) Charter That Pizza Tower Fan: Survival (New) Composer wild fibroids: floxio aetherdx :donnie Bmv277: wild fibroids MoldyGH: MissingTextureMan101 rapparep lol

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