FNF Indie VTuber Showdown

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Krystal is an independent VTuber, an anime girl who streams online and she wants to be successful by winning a rhythm contest by getting some money for her career so if you are ready to play this new FNF mod and by playing as her you will help her win battles: two songs are now available: Training and Whale Waltz. Help VTuber win the music battles! In story mode or free play mode, when you see the arrow symbols above the girl character match with each other, you have to be fast and press the same arrow keys yourself and keep doing this until the end of the songs to win. Be careful not to skip notes, because if you do this too many times in a row, you will lose the whole game. Everything is so simple and now you know what to do, so try this game right now, see for yourself why it's the best! Mod Developers: Crystal Blitz: Mod Lead & Charter elikapika: Character Artist Fpeiro: Staromelo Composer: BG Artist GWebDev: Programmer fueg0: Mac Build AlchoholicDj: Charter Sai: Bao Vocal Somniatica: Artemis Tamakuchi Vocal: Special Thanks

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