FNF: Jevil and Berdly Sings God Eater

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God Eater is an iconic track that is usually associated with the all-powerful Shaggy from Scooby-Doo, but right now two other characters are going to sing it together, two of which have already appeared in the Friday Night Funkin game series, but for the first time together, and we are talking about Jevil and Beardley! The duet of Jevil and Beardley is waiting for you, don't miss it! Just press the play button, as there is only one song, that is, there is only one mode, and try to play all the notes at the right time on the charts to reach the end and win! This means that when the arrow symbols line up over your character, you will have to press the same arrow keys on your keyboard, but be aware that if you miss too many in a row, you will lose. Enjoy! Mod developers: srperez: God Eater original song FNACodysOfficial: Made cover by edvintually: Birdles mod

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