FNF: Minus Sonic.EXE Remastered

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FNF Minus Sonic.Exe was one of the most popular FNF spin-offs featuring Sonic, so we are not very happy to offer you the whole updated version of this mod, in which the designs of all the characters have been updated and updated, so that everything looks better, sounds better and will definitely be more fun than the original! Defeat Minus Sonic.Exe just like the original! After choosing how you want to play this game, either in story mode or free play mode, your goal remains the same: play the notes of the given songs until the songs run out, because that's when you win! To do this, when the arrow symbols above the BF match, you will press the same keys, but if you miss this several times in a row, it will cause you to lose the game and have to start it over again. Start all the entertainment offered by this game right now, and feel free to check the category further, and continue to have a good time! Mod developed by: EMERALD Zone: minus sound skin

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