FNF: Neon and Tankman Sings Crucify

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Wow, Neon is a character that we haven't seen in our FNF game category for a long time, so of course we knew that we had to share the latest game with him as soon as possible, so for this It is for this reason we are now sharing with you all the amazing game known as FNF: Neon and Tankman Sings Crucify! Unexpected duet of the day: Neon and Tankist! There is only one song in this game, so hit the play button to start! Watch out for the arrow symbols that match above your character and when they do, press the same arrow keys on your keyboard yourself, which you have to keep doing until the song is over if you want to win when the progress bar will turn to you. Be sure to stay focused, because if you skip keystrokes too many times in a row, you will lose and have to start over, which we don't want any of you to experience! Mod Developers: MatiasH290: Made Foodieti Cover: Crucify Original Song CryoGX: Neon Maker

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