FNF on Psych Engine

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Many of the new FNF mods you've recently experienced on our website are powered by Psych Engine and today you can once again experience the original game built on this new game engine that will feel like something old and something. that's new. At the same time, like Shadow, Mario made a lot of improvements thanks to his engine. Experience FNF again, now with Psych Engine! The story mode features the first six weeks, just like the free play mode, but in the first you have to win one week at a time, while in the second you can only play with one song if you want. In any case, to get to the end of the songs and win, you need to play all the notes of the songs at the right time in their charts, so press the arrow keys at the same time with the arrow symbols above the BF matching each other. Know that if you miss too many notes in a row, you will lose and have to start the rap battle again from scratch, which we don't want you to, that's for sure. Enjoy! Mod Developers: Shadow Mario: RiverOaken Engine Developer: Art & Animation Yoshubs: New Input System PolybiusProxy: .MP4 Video Downloader Extension gedehari: Diagram Editor Sound Wave Base Keoiki: Note SandPlanet Splash Animation: Psych Engine Preacher/Bubba Chief Supporter: Guest Composer

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