FNF: Potassium (Attack Of The Killer Queen Sings Endless)

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It looks like there are even more new characters from Deltarune who are looking to join in on the fun provided by our FNF online games category, and that's the main reason why right now we're sharing with you all the amazing new game called FNF: Potassium. (Attack Of The Killer Queen Sings Endless), where you will help the Guy defeat this new character! Boyfriend vs killer queen, endlessly fun experience! There is only one song in this game, so press the play button and you will use the arrow keys to play the notes of the songs. How? Well, you will press the arrow keys at the same time to match the same symbols above BF's head and keep doing this until the song is over to be the winner. Be careful not to skip keystrokes too many times in a row because if that happens you will end up losing and have to start over from scratch. Enjoy! Mod developers: Literally NoOne: MAJIN QUEEN SPRITES BY COCOTHEMUNCHKIN cover! Spinning banana poles from Applebar! Cerbera chart!

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