FNF: Ralsei with a fat blunt

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Ralsei from Deltarune is back and she brings with her not only a fat blunt, but also a lot of amazing new songs for you, so this mod has been a must-have addition for us right now and we are sure you will. give it your all and have a lot of fun with all the following songs. Defeat Ralsei once again, this time in an even more fun way! The gameplay and your goals in this game remain the same for both the story mode and the free play mode, the goal of which is to reach the end of all songs by playing their notes according to their charts. To do this, when the arrow symbols above BF match each other, you must press the same arrow keys at the same time and hold them until the end. If you miss pressing these keys too many times in a row, you will lose and have to start over from scratch. Good luck, enjoy! Mod developers: DeltaB – art, music, graphics, animation wedgecuts – Amazin coding: Nebula_Zorua new art – Atsuover and Rageminer engine – Smoke Em Out Struggle

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