FNF ROBLOX Youtubers Skin Mod

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Boy vs YouTubers, never ending battle! This game is a skin pack, meaning that the usual antagonists have been replaced with new characters, in this case YouTubers from Roblox, so there are six original weeks left, including their songs. Access songs in story mode or free play mode. When you see the arrow symbols above BF match each other, you also need to press the same arrow keys and keep doing this until the end of the songs to be the winner. Be careful not to skip keystrokes too many times in a row, because if that happens you will lose and have to start over from the beginning of the song. Good luck, we wish you all and, as always, have a good time! Mod developers: Seeb: pixel art master aikaholic: she did 96.69% of the work Waddle_Midori: john pico, dad, cleetus

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