FNF: Ron sings Folders In The Ocean

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Friday Night Funkin games are a great way for people to create all sorts of funny memes, much less gaming ones, as it will be right now with FNF: Ron Sings Folders In The Ocean, a mod where Ron from FNF from the BOB V2 mod will sing Folders in the Ocean, a parody of the popular song Astronaut In the Ocean, which many people have already ridiculed on the Internet. Can you sing hello Ron from the bottom of your heart? The boyfriend goes up against Ron as he is the only worthy opponent so watch out for the arrow symbols above his head to match because at this point you will have to press the same arrow keys which you have to do until the end. songs to win. Don't do this too many times in a row and you guessed it, you lose! There's only one song here, so hit the play button, give it your all, stay with it, and keep having fun as soon as you can here! Mod developers: Furscorns: made music Sedelyuk: Made a mod

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