FNF: Roses and Thorns Remix by RetroSpecter

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Roses and Thorns are senpai's most popular songs and they finally got a remix from none other than RetroSpecter, one of the most talented musicians in the entire FNF world, so right now we are happy that you can enjoy it in a rap battle with with this new mode you NEED to play, trust us! Defeat Senpai even with the music of RetroSpecter! In any case, choosing between story mode and free play mode, do your best to win by reaching the end of the songs, which will only happen if you play all their notes according to the diagrams. To do this, when the arrow keys match above BF's head, you need to press the same arrow key on the keyboard. Be careful not to skip keystrokes too many times in a row because if that happens you will lose and have to start over from scratch. Good luck and all the best, we want to wish you all! Mod developers: RetroSpecter: remixed the song Shadow mario: FNF game engine

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