FNF: The Minions Sings happy

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Happy is the main theme of the movie Minions, the Despicable Me spin-off centered on some of the cutest yellow creatures in the world, and since it's an iconic song, it's only fitting that these iconic animated characters are ready to sing with your help, and that's it. it's in this new awesome online FNF mod! Bob is the minion you and your boyfriend will face in this mod! Sing "Happy" with the minions and be HAPPY! Since there is only one song, only Freeplay mode is available, and as usual your goal is to hit all the notes of the songs at the right time by pressing the arrow keys at the same time with the arrow symbols above the BF matching each other, what you should stick to until the end of the song. You can lose if you don't hit too many keys one after the other, so we hope you concentrate very hard and don't let that happen. Good luck, have fun and expect even more fun, because only here is it possible! Mod developers: MasonPYT – Coder, Logos xmiaahhx – Art (Bob) beeep booop – Pharrell Graph – Funny song.

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