FNF: Triple Trouble With DDCL

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Triple Trouble is an iconic song from the Sonic.Exe 2 mod and the three girls at the center of the Doki Doki Literature Club are now challenging Guy in this song so we invite you all to help him win the battle like you always do with one of our best new mods of the day! Can you and BF take on three anime girls at the same time? There is only one song so hit the play button to start and do your best to make it to the end when you win. To do this, you need to hit all your notes correctly when it's your turn, so make sure the arrow symbols match above BF's head and hit the same arrow keys at the same time. Remember that if you press the keys too early, too late, or press the wrong keys, you will miss the notes, and skipping several of them in a row will cause you to lose the whole game. Enjoy! Mod Credits: Animecreeper500yt: Created this mod by FaZEr Unhinged: Made the cover art

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