FNF Vs Amogus Imposter

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Another suspicious impostor from Among Us has moved into the world of FNF online games as he challenges BF in a rhythm battle so we hope you are ready to help our protagonist win and throw him out of the spaceship which you will do on two amazing original songs. Defeat the impostor and save the spaceship! After choosing between story mode or free play mode, try to reach the end of the songs by playing all their notes according to the diagrams, which means that when the arrow symbols above the BF match each other, you will have to press the same arrow keys on the keyboard yourself. Keep going until the song ends with a win, but be aware that if you skip keystrokes too many times in a row, it will cause you to lose the game and have to start all over again from scratch. Good luck, enjoy! Mod developers: DeltaB: – art, animation, music, graphics, "coding" 'practically everything ShadowMario – Psych (Chad) Engine

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