FNF vs Beepie

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While Boyfriend and Girlfriend were at the anime expo, no wonder since they love Japanese cartoons, that's when Beepi, BF's biggest fan, appeared and now challenges her idol to a musical duel, what will you do in the next song: Help BF beat even his biggest fan! Whether you choose it in story mode or free play mode, it doesn't matter, as the way to win is the same: play all the notes when it's your turn to do so and get to the end of what's been said. songs. So, when you see a match of the arrow symbols above BF's head, hit the identical arrow keys on the keyboard, as that's how notes are played. If you miss this multiple times in a row, you will lose, so be careful and don't let that happen! Enjoy, have fun! Mod developers: valengarfy: creator, artist, and animator Sickaric: co-creator, artist, voice artist, and Beepie design by her

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