FNF vs Bendy (A Funky Night at Joey Drew studios)

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Bendy is now making his long-awaited return to our FNF online games category, where we're excited to have him at this point as the newest antagonist that you and BF have to fight, that you'll try to defeat with one cool song. called "Class Attack". Boyfriend vs. Bendy, A fun night out at Joey Drew's studio to remember! As the song progresses, when it's your turn to sing, you'll see matching arrow symbols above BF's head, a point where you'll hit the same arrow keys, which you should keep doing until the song ends in victory. If you miss a few notes in a row, you will lose, so focus on not letting that happen and being the winner instead. Enjoy! Mod Credits: Fidy50 (Director, Charter) Fries.fla (made bendy sprites, animated bendy sprites) TheRayZord (Voice of Bendy, made Bendy scale) Jorkly (as part of Class-Attack) BitTech (made by BG) 4Axion (coded everything, lol)

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