FNF Vs Bill Cipher (Fanmade)

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Bill Schiefer of Gravity Falls replaced characters from FNF last week in one of our games but today he is taking over as the main character and bringing original music with him as he will be featured in the upcoming mod by two talented creators and some fans have already created the mod. inspired by this, which is here and you can enjoy it! Use music to defeat Bill Cipher's evil pyramid! Since there is only one song, press the play button and then do your best to reach the end, winning as soon as it happens, and this can only happen if you play all of its notes at the correct time on the charts. To do this, keep an eye on when the arrow symbols above the BF match each other, and when they match, press the same keys on the keyboard. If you don't do this multiple times in a row, you will lose, so be careful that this doesn't happen. Enjoy! Mod Developers: Clock Toon: Animations, Sprites, Graphics Shoku618: Full Song Creator Tsuraran: Author Songs Upcoming Mod Banbuds: Bill Cipher

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