FNF vs Bill Wurtz

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Bill Wurtz is a cartoon boy with blue spiky hair who is trying to be a punk dude and he is the last antagonist you and Boyfriend will face in a musical battle and despite the fact that this mod called FNF vs Bill Wurtz is a demo, this game has quite a few songs for you, both in story mode and free play mode. Punk with Boyfriend and Bill Wurtz! After choosing how to play, watch for the arrow symbols above BF's head to match and press the same keys until the end of the songs to win. Be careful about missing notes, because if this happens too many times in a row, you will lose the game and have to start over, which is something we don't wish for any of you. Good luck and enjoy! Mod developers: Kai: Coder, BF vocals and sprites WesleyGames: Steve Sprites (Artist) Bill Wurtz: creator of money and Steve (and the mod in general)

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