FNF vs BlackJack: The Stakes Are High

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BlackJack is not only a good rapper, but also an avid gamer that BF and GF met during a trip to Vegas, so now that the two musical rivals have met each other, they have to fight, which is what we hope. that you will help our main character win the musical battle against him on all custom songs. Beat Blackjack not with luck, but with musical ability! Whether you play against this character in story mode or free play mode, your goal remains the same and it is to reach the end of the songs by playing all their notes correctly, so when you see the arrow symbols above BF, match one another, at the same time you have to press the same arrow keys. Be careful not to skip keystrokes too many times in a row, as this will cause you to lose the game and have to start over from scratch. Good luck have fun! Mod Developers: CritVA: Lead Developer, Creator, Blackjack VA Elemenopee: Lead Artist Tutorials: Collaborative Development, Coding CaptainKirb: Coding kiddan02: Lead Composer Seberster: Composer (IN FULL) JellyFishedm: Main Menu Composer Nozomy_nick: Akumu Artist | FNF Re-Inked: Animator Wealth Chart j0nnytest: Animator Chart DON Infinite Jr. [Virginia]: ka0tical voice actor: THEJEWELMAN voice actor: Charts Moloki: Chart

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