FnF vs Blueberry (Moonlight Berry)

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Blueberry is a very peculiar girl with quite a style and she even resembles the fruit she is named after as she is the new antagonist that you and Boyfriend have to defeat in a musical battle since you ended up in her town. on her field, so she immediately challenged our protagonist, whom you will now help win! Guy vs. Blueberry, Friday Night Funkin' Battle of the Moment! You can challenge this new character in either story mode or free play mode, and in each of them you must aim to hit all the notes of the songs at the right time and keep doing this until the end of the song in order. win. This means that when you see the arrow symbols above BF match, you must press the same arrow keys yourself. Be careful with your focus and timing, because if you miss pressing too many keys in a row, you will lose the game and have to start over from scratch. Good luck and enjoy! Mod Developers: DeltaKingz: Blueberry Owner Matt$: Ikkrine Chief Composer: evssssok Menu Music: Sprite Artist SereBeat: Glitchdroid Animator: PuppyRelp Background Artist: LIYAZURE Cover Art: TheDman132 Logo Design: Blueberry Icons ABrickToTheHead: OilyDev Menu Art: Person Core Encoder. exe2222: PJ9DTHEIII Secondary Encoder: Code Cleanup/XML Fix Special Thanks: RenxTheHedgehog Sick Concepts: MIA LogMan: Charter

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