FNF vs BlueStopSign

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Bluestopsign is a guy who kind of resembles a guy with his blue hair and everything you can see holding a stop sign, blue as his name suggests and he thinks he can replace BF in the FNF world which is why you should win him in rhythm to fight and assert dominance, showing him that you will not stop, you cannot stop! Start the Rhythm Battle and defeat the Bluestopsign! After choosing between story mode or free play mode, it doesn't matter since you still have to win and you do it in the same way that reaches the end of the songs by playing all your entries according to the charts. How? Well, when the arrow symbols above Bf match each other, you need to press the same arrow keys to hit those notes, and this further leads you to the song. Of course, missing notes means losing the game, so be very careful not to miss too many of them in a row. Good luck, enjoy, and have as much fun as possible! Mod designed by: Bluestopsign: Creator, Artist, Cutscene Editor Labyrinth: Sprite Artist Ikkrine: Composer Kandoza: Coder Apollo: Background Artist, Cutscene Images Fogudragon: Ket_overkill charter: Icons Absolute Invisibility: Voice Friend Actor ZENOKWEI AKA ILUVGEMZ: Code Contributor Atoneaqua: Code Contributor Berker1237: old sprite artist

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