FNF vs Buff Cat

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Do you even get up, bro? Guy? Well, in any case, we are sure that you will raise the level of your musical abilities by playing our latest FNF mod, where you will fight against Buff Cat, a cat who goes to the gym daily and does a lot of physical training. as well as consuming protein shakes. Defeat this fun new character in the following songs. Defeat the athletic cat with the power of music, not weights! From the game's main menu, you'll choose between story mode and free play mode, and then do your best to reach the end of the songs by playing all your notes to win. This means that when you see an arrow symbol match over the BF, press the identical arrow keys on the keyboard to get the correct note, but if you miss this multiple times in a row, you will lose the whole game. Enjoy! Mod developers: Kulsvag artist and main kulsvag composer Catmo: composer and artist Kulsvag programmer, charter And main music/concept creator Julian: code and graphics

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