FNF vs Cablecrow – Short Circuit

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We're thrilled that Zardy's Mod-made Cablecrow finally has its own mod for you to check out, one where you try to defeat this scarecrow just in time for Halloween and have Boyfriend face him in an original song known as Short . The pattern you see fits her very well! Plug Cablecrow into your impressive musical abilities! As the song progresses, when you see matching arrow symbols above BF's head, that's when it's your turn, meaning you need to press the same arrow keys on your keyboard. If you do it right until the song is over you will win, but be careful not to miss the notes because if you miss too many of them you will lose the game. Enjoy! Mod developers: Magnumsrt: programmer, part artist and lore creator StarnyArt: Cable Crow Sprites SwankyBox: Zardi Maze Maker el3trickplays: animechannel10 Musician: Recharter to short circuit

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