FNF vs Chira

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Chira is a woman who looks like she's from the 50s and that's because she is where she has the power to turn people around her into this cartoon character so to stop you from letting that happen you now need help The guy will defeat her in a musical battle, what will you do in the following custom songs: Duel with Chira and plunge into the past! When you see arrow symbols above BF's head matching each other, be sure to press the same arrow keys on your keyboard by yourself and keep doing this until the end of the song to win. Be careful not to skip keystrokes in a row too many times in a row or you will lose. Plus, you can play this game in both story mode and free play mode, so choose one and let the fun begin. Enjoy! Mod developers: Cape Funkin (encoder, diagram) Nightmare_Nugget: Cutscene and art in general ZERO ARTIST: Assistance with creating sprites and cutscenes ZetaE: Background artist Jhaix: composer for songs 1 and 3 sugar: 2 songs composer Nebula_Zorua: engine

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