FNF vs Crash Bandicoot

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FNF vs Crash Bandicoot is a really popular video game character and now he is facing the rhythm master, Boyfriend, so the two of them are fighting a rhythm battle for an awesome new Friday Night Funkin mod called FNF vs Crash Bandicoot that we loved so much, so why the same the same does not apply to you? Guy vs. Crash Bandicoot, come on! When you see that the arrow symbols above BF's head match each other, you must press the same arrow keys and you need to keep doing this until the end of the song to win. When you see the progress bar tilt towards you, you've won. Be careful not to press the keys too many times in a row, because in this case you will lose and Crash will win, and we hope you don't let that happen! Mod developers: Illustriouse: got the idea Gazozoz: coder BoidHouse: artist/animator/logo designer/emergency voice provider Penguinsmh: secondary encoder Mr-XB0n: tomatsuarts charter: menu artist Vibrant obsession: composer

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