FNF vs DD.Dog

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DD.Dog is the latest rockstar to hit the music scene so when he and Boyfriend met each other they had to fight to see who was better so we invite you all to try out our latest mod called FNF vs DD right now .Dog, where you will fight this character on at least three new songs. Use your rhythm to beat the guitarist dog! You can play this game in either story mode or free play mode and for either of them you will try to play all the notes of the songs correctly by reaching the end of the songs to win. This means that when you see the arrow symbols above the BF line up with each other, you need to press and hold the same arrow keys until the progress bar turns towards you. Be careful not to skip too many notes one after the other because that means you will lose the game and have to start the song over again. Enjoy! Mod developed by: ZAPZONZAL: Art, Music Editing, Charting, Coding, ETC Music Credits: Vanessa May: original creator of "Contradanza" JerryC: original creator of "CanonRock" David Luis: creator of backing track "Contradanza" Sinyells: original creator of "Monster Fight" ( main menu theme) Anders: original creator of Dark Dust Dispatcher (Game over theme)

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