FNF vs Dr.Wardo (Sandbox Rangers)

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Dr. Wardo is a mad scientist type character that Boyfriend has to defeat in a rhythmic battle, which he does in his Azee Ryder costume, with these characters heavily inspired by Power Rangers as you can probably see in the images. and you have to defeat this new character in songs. Outsmart Dr. Vardo and drive him away! Whether you play this game in story mode or free play mode, the way to win is the same: by reaching the end of the songs, what you do is by playing all their notes according to the diagrams. This means that when you see arrow symbols floating and matching over BF's head, you will have to press identical arrow keys, just like that. Do not miss the opportunity to do this several times in a row, otherwise you will lose. Enjoy, we wish you good luck! Mod Developers: Valdokun: Director Human_KR: Programmer, Animator, Meet the Composer MeotSi: Artist, Animator RUDI: Composer, K_Pio Remastered "Introduction": Charter

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