FNF vs Dracobot

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Dracobot, as you probably already guessed from his name and appearance, is a robot and a dinosaur rolled into one, and the latest antagonist who thinks he can match Boyfriend in the battle of the rhythms, which you will help prove by defeating this new character in all of the following songs. Only you, with the help of music, can defeat the Dracobot menace! It's a week-long mode, which means you can play it in either story mode or free play mode, the choice is yours, but your goal is the same in both: play the notes of the songs correctly by following their charts, and once you come to a conclusion about the songs, you win. Be careful not to miss keystrokes due to too early, too late, or wrong keystrokes, because too many of these mistakes in a row will cause you to lose the whole game. Instead, we hope you win and have a lot of fun! Mod developers: Dracobot: Developer, Charter, Artist, Animato SnowyBraviary – Director, Spriter, Charter AshoXD – Charter, Animator Joshua Creator – Wire Wolf Music Coder – T1GD Composer – Numbskill Composer – Voice Provider

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