FNF vs Emmi (Fizzy Pop Panic)

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Emmy is a witch whose magical powers don't help her other than make a great cola, although we think it's a great power, especially if you're a big fan of this soda, making juice is not the way to go. you will make it in this new game but make some music instead as you will be singing and playing some amazing original songs along with her and BF. Have an incendiary musical battle with the Emmy witch! Whether you encounter this fresh character in story mode or free play mode, your goal is the same – to reach the end of the song by playing all of his notes according to their charts. To do this, you make sure that the arrow symbols line up above BF's head while pressing the same keys on the keyboard at the same time. Watch out for too many notes in the tables, as too many mistakes in a row will result in a loss and the need to start the game from scratch. Enjoy! Mod Developers: DOJIMADOG: Director/Artist elikapika: Rosebud Animation: POSTBOY Animation: Rosebud Background Artist: Hissing! Squeak: Saruka's glamour__: Popped out Smokey_5: Monkey, Flippy Code: Code, Rosebud Diagram: Y2ruK Code: (Voiceover) pointy: Special thanks to (tough guy) Cval: cval

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