FNF vs Flowey

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Even flowers can become the rhythmic enemies of the Boyfriend in the FNF world, but this time it's not random, but the one and only Flowey, who also brought with him several friends that you must defeat with the power of music to songs. Show Flowey your best music stream! Whether you're playing Story Mode or Free Play Mode, winning is the same when you reach the end of the song, and this only happens if you help BF play all of his notes according to the diagrams. This means simultaneous pressing of the arrow keys when identical arrow symbols match over BF. Be aware that if you miss hitting notes multiple times in a row, you will lose the game and have to start over from scratch. What to expect? Give it all right now, you'll love it! Mod Credits: SoyJulian_34: Director, Design Artist and Composer Manux12: Chief Programmer Jlor: High School Programmer ZERO ARTIST: Sprite and Movie Animator VPPR: Daim Charter: David Miles Charter: No Music Composer KenethYT: Plusardx Mod Trailer: Psych Engine port

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