FNF Vs Giant Enemy Spider

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Everyone already knows that the world of FNF games probably has the most unique characters in the world, and sometimes the scariest, just like it's the case right now with the game known as FNF VS giant spider enemy, where is the giant spider your next Musical an enemy whose song is named after him! Let everything defeat the giant evil spider! Press the PLAY button to start and hit all the notes of the song to reach its conclusion, which is when you win. You do this by hitting the arrow keys at the same time, since identical arrow symbols are mapped above BF's head. Be careful not to miss hitting the keys too many times in a row or you will lose, but you also lose if you hit the egg notes, which are traps laid by the spider, so avoid them at all costs. Good luck, enjoy! Mod Credits: Cycoxius03: MOD Creator

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