FNF vs Granny

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This new scary granny that will be you and the new Boyfriend antagonist that you will have to defeat comes from a game called Granny Horror and we hope you have fun and scary time in this rhythmic battle in a song called "Noise"! Show scary granny your superb musical skills! Press the play button to start, and then press all the notes of the song at the right time on the charts, throughout the end of the game to win, but be careful not to miss too many notes in a row. This means you need to press the arrow keys at the same time you see identical arrow symbols match up above BF's head. Good luck, we wish you all the best and a lot of fun, which is only possible here! Mod Credits: vladosikos17: artist, animator FrankCanCode: coder, charter and sheet maker Legumi: coder exmark: composer

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