FNF vs Gunter the Penguin

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Gunther the penguin from the Adventure Time universe, where you and Boyfriend are now trapped, and the only way to get out of it is to defeat him in a rhythmic battle, which is what we invite. you can do everything right now and here in this amazing game known as FNF vs Gunter the Penguin which has two amazing songs for you. Defeat Gunther and escape the Adventure Time world! In this rhythm game that can be played in both story mode and free play mode, you have the goal of reaching the end of the songs by playing all of their notes as that is the only way to get there and win. the fight. To hit notes, use the arrow keys, the keys you have to press at the same time as the arrow symbols above BF match each other, but be careful not to miss repeating this too many times in a row, otherwise you will lose and have to start. again. Good luck! Mod developers: Banbuds: director, animator, artist, voice acting foodieti: Composer (Timeout) LuvSeals: Composer (Prison of flesh) Popcorn. Colonel: ash237 programming: Lexicord programming: Fidy50 chart programming: graphs

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