FNF vs Hactling (Outer Wilds)

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Here it is, the first crossover between Friday Night Funkin and the game Outer Wilds, where Boyfriend has to fight against the character from it, an astronaut named Hacktling, whom you have to defeat in three really cool songs with titles: Use the music to defeat the harsh astronaut! After choosing between story mode and free play mode, try your best to reach the end of the songs in either one, as that's how you win, and for that you need to play their notes when it's your turn. comes at the right time. This means that when the arrow symbols that float below the BF match up above his head, you press the same arrow key, but if you miss this multiple times in a row, you will lose and be forced to start over from scratch. Enjoy, good luck! Mod developers: KeekHouse: Composer FattyLumpkin: Artist Texture_Turtle: Programmer / Artist HamsterExclusive: Programmer MatheusLopes: Programmer Creators OuterWilds Mobius Digital: Developer Annapurna Interactive: Publisher

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