FNF vs Impostor Loggo’s Halloween

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The special edition of FNF Vs Impostor has just been added to our website for free and it's a Halloween themed game of course where you go up against a green impostor in two new custom songs that are just great for this spooky day. Defeat the Halloween impostor using music! In this rhythm game, after choosing between story mode and free play mode, do your best to reach the end of the songs by playing all their notes according to the table. To do this, you need to watch the arrow symbols over the BF match and press the same arrow keys on the keyboard. If you miss this multiple times in a row, you will lose the game, so don't let that happen! Enjoy! Mod Developers: Clowfoe: Co-Owner, Programmer Ziffyclumper: Programmer Fabs: Programmer, Artist Julien: Artist/Animator Adam McHammus: Composer Keoni: Composer Rareblin: Composer Squidboi84: Artist BlackJoystick: Co-owner Postman: Artist Inky: Artist/Animator Pietro_Ultra: Co-Owner, Artist Orbi: Phoenix Artist…: Artist, Secret Song Offbi: Reactor BG EthanTheDoodler: Falling Girlfriend AnthemOverload: Reactor Ellis: Trailer Editor Farfoxx: Saruka Logo: Sussy Bussy Moonmistt: Chewmate KlutchDJ: Gibz Charter: KadeDev Charter ported us to 1.6 MashProTato: xoop sketch : Explosion DozenRahis: Defeat the sprite Shadow Mario: FNF game engine.

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