FNF vs Jerry the Circle

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You never know what funny antagonists Boyfriend will have to face in the music rhythm games category in FNF games, so right now you are all invited to have some fun with a new and interesting mod. known as FNF vs Jerry the Circle where you fight this circle in the following custom songs. Show us that you have a better rhythm than a literal circle! Whether you're going up against the Circle in story mode or free play mode, your goal remains the same: play the notes of the songs at their correct time on the charts so that you reach the completion of the song, turn the progress bar towards you, and win! To play notes, you use the arrow keys, pressing them simultaneously with the arrow symbols above the BF matching each other, but be careful not to miss pressing them too many times in a row, otherwise you will lose. Enjoy! Mod developers: CrystalSlime: author, musician, programmer, artist Shadow Mario: creator of the Psych engine

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