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Jevil is the newest antagonist that you need to defeat in a musical battle, what you need to do to escape the Castle of Cards where you, like BF, were captured and locked up along with GF, so only defeating this evil jester. Can you see the light of day and you will with three amazing custom songs. Defeat the evil Jester and escape his horrors! Of course, you choose whether you play this game in story mode or free play mode, as well as the difficulty level. In any case, your goal remains the same – play all the notes of the songs, reaching their end, in order to win. To play notes in such a game, watch out for when the arrow symbols above BF's head match up with each other, and be sure to hit the same arrow keys at the same time, which you should do for the rest of the song. . Be careful about skipping notes, because if it happens too many times in a row, you will end up losing. Good luck have fun! Mod Developers: Kittblash: Art, Graphics, 1st Music Yelly: Programmer ThatBratCohen: Musician

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