FNF vs Kemo

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Somehow getting into the Matrix, Boyfriend wants to get out of it, but it seems that the only way he can achieve this is by defeating Kemo in a battle of rhythms, which you must help him with right now. by playing this game and defeating this new antagonist in the following songs. Win the rap battle and exit the Matrix! As with all of these reaction time games in this category, look for when the arrow symbols match right above BF's head, and when they match, press the same arrow keys on your keyboard, which you should keep doing until until the song ends to become the winner. You become a loser if you miss keystrokes too many times in a row, so be focused to prevent this from happening. Good luck, enjoy and stay even more! Mod Developers: kem0x: Creator/Programmer Opudont: All Art karanXD: composed the vocals of "Leet" and "Copycat" orenji: Wrote the instrumental "Copycat" MTF: Trailer \ Cutscene NTZcharts: "Leet Copycat" in the cards » Silk2D: original Wiik3 sprites Matt \ Stage srPerez: Original shaggy sprites

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