FNF vs Keyboard Cat

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Keyboard Cat is the latest meme to come out of the world of FNF where rhythm games never go out of style so we are incredibly happy that at this moment we can share this game with you which features the following custom tracks : "Keyboard" Show to the cat that you have the best rhythm and keyboard! Hit the play button to start and then do your best to get to the end of the song by playing all of its notes according to the charts and that's how you win. This means that when you see the arrow symbols match above BF's head, it means that you need to press the same arrow keys and hold until the end of the song to win! If you miss a few notes in a row, you will lose, so be careful. Good luck, enjoy, have fun! Mod Credits: SomeThing111: CREATED AAAAA MOD Charlie Schmidt: Keyboard Cat Dad.

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