FNF Vs KreekCraft

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KreekCraft is a YouTube channel that has a series known as the TIMMEH series and characters from it are now featured in a mod known as FNF Vs KreekCraft, a skinpack mod where BF becomes Bf-Kreek and he has to fight various characters from a series of classic songs you know and love from weeks 1 to 4. Challenge all KreekCraft characters in rhythmic battle and win! Start by choosing between story mode and free play mode, and then do your best to reach the end of each song, where you have to play all the notes of the songs at the right time. This is done with the arrow keys, so press the arrow keys at the same time so that the arrow symbols above the BF line up with each other. Be careful not to miss it too many times in a row, because too many consecutive misses means you will lose the game and have to start over from scratch. Good luck, enjoy and don't forget to stay with us for even more fun! Mod Developers: Dzaki Thunder Shark: ArtWork / Character Skins RyPlayzYt: Icon Maker / Producer KadeDev: Programmer

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