FNF vs Madeline (Celeste)

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Madeline from the game in Celeste has now arrived in the world of FNF and like any other newcomer, she immediately hits the guy and has the rhythm of the battle against him, something that you again help our main character, and which we invite you to do right now on the next songs. Let's go retronmere from Celeste with BF! In both story mode and free play mode, and no matter the difficulty level, how you score remains the same by getting to the end of the songs, and you can achieve this if you play all your notes according to the charts. This means that when you see the arrow symbols corresponding to the BF head, you need to press the identical arrow key, but be careful not to miss doing this multiple times in a row, or you have to start again from scratch. Enjoy! Fashion credits: Autidroll: main artist, animator and concept artist ITO: main background artist and did additional art Sirdustusterbuster: art for dialogue portraits Kaoskurve: logo and promo artist Clemo: Composer WHOOPZ: composer and graphic artist Sarukii: composer Jam: created chromatic scales Breezy: Murasaki programming: Jorge programming – Sun Spirit: Degen Dan programming: Vivii song charting: HPK song charting: music videos used for release

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