FNF vs MAG Agent V2.0

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Mag Agent from the Madness Combat series is now back in the category of Friday Night Funkin games again, this time with two different songs than his previous ones, hence the name of the game is FNF vs MAG Agent V2.0 and we are sure you will help BF defeat him again, this time along these two lines: Use music, not brute force, to get rid of the MAG Agent! After choosing between story mode and free play mode, try to reach the end of the aforementioned songs by playing all their notes according to the diagrams without skipping too many notes in a row, as this will result in a loss. and start over. To play notes, watch for the arrow symbols above the BF to match and hit the same key, but don't hit too early, too late, or on the wrong key, as that counts as a miss and you know what happens if you have too many of them . Enjoy, good luck and don't forget to stay for even more fun! Developed mod: Made in prezdispenser

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