FNF vs Mario Bros (Funk Mix)

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Boyfriend Vs the Mario Bros is the FNF mod that everyone wanted to play right now, especially since with a cool funky mix of songs that you can enjoy a lot, so we invite you to fight this classic video game. Let's do it together with FNF and Mario Bros! In the main menu, you will choose between story mode and free play mode, after which you must do your best to play all your notes according to the charts until the songs run out to win. To hit the notes you see when the arrow symbols above the BF match each other, press the same arrow keys. If this is not done many times in a row, it will result in a loss, so be careful that this does not happen! Mod Credits: Traveler_Snak: Project Lead, Character Sprites, Backgrounds, Notes Sprites, Graphics Flarewire: Collaborative Guidance, Programming, UI Design, Chromatics KrystalPhantasm: Music, Ranked Mari0_Bot/Just James: Character Sprites GP12810: Character Sprites

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